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Jul 30

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I understand. I think I understand. But the people of Vega won’t. Well, people don’t need to know. People don’t need to know anything, do they? No, and they never will. But they wouldn’t want you as their leader, they wouldn’t trust you, and neither can I.

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MCU LADIES END CREDITS PORN :: women of the thor films
┖ thor (2011), thor: the dark world (2013)

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I really doubt that they had to do any acting for this part of the con.

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Becca Thorn - Green, Red and White


AU where Morgana puts together Merlin’s hopeful looks and hesitations when she questions him and comes up with magic and she demands that he tells her everything he knows and they practice magic together in secret and giggle over tripping up Arthur and Morgana never becomes evil bc Merlin keeps her vindictive side in check and Merlin is less reckless bc Morgana knows how to plan and neither of them feels alone or lost

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The Buffy Exchange - For buffyofwinterfell aka incorrectbuffyquotes 

Super-dee-duper set from lisathevampireslayer! I’ve always loved the idea of gifsets like this. We’ve “made it” guys!

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